Endemic Typhlopid Snakes of Sri Lanka

01. Typhlops ceylonicus    (Smith, 1943)



A non venomous fossorial snake. Known from Peradeniya in the Central Province. A rare snake.

FFPO: Protected

02. Typhlops lankaensis   (Taylor, 1947)


Fossorial and non venomous snake. Confined to the arid lowlands of the dry zone. Found in sandy soils, in debris left by the waves on the shores of the salt water lagoons and underneath the accumulated leaves of the forest floor or debris about the base of coconut trees.

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03. Pied Blind Snake        Typhlops  leucomelas    (Boulenger, 1890)

Sinhalese: Kabara kanaulla..
Fossorial snake. Known only from Haycock Mountains near Galle, Lindulla in the Central Province, and the knuckles Massif. One was found under a large boulder, in montane forest. A rare snake.

 FFPO: Protected


04. Jan’s Blind Snake       Typhlops mirus     (Jan, 1860)             Sinhalese: Heen kanaulla.


A slender blind snake recorded from isolated areas of the island, including both the arid and wet parts of Sri Lanka. Fossorial and non venomous. Known from Girithale, Namunukula, Colombo, Gampola and Peradeniya, near Kandy.

FFPO: Protected

05. Typhlops malcolmi      (Taylor, 1947)


Fossorial, non venomous snake lives in sand on the forest floor. A rare snake.


06. Typhlops tenebrarum   (Taylor, 1947)


A non venomous fossorial snake reported from Trincomalee suggesting that it may confined to the first peneplain of the dry zone.



07. Typhlops veddae           (Taylor, 1947)


Fossorial, non venomous snake reported from Trincomalee which probably inhabits the first peneplain of the dry zone. Endemic and a rare snake.

08. Typhlops violaceus       ( Taylor, 1947)


A non venomous, fossorial snake. It may inhabit the lowlands of dry zone. Reported from Trincomalee. Endemic and rare snake.


































































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