Endemic Animals of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, known as the Pearl of the indian Ocean, is a continental island famous for its remarkable scenic beauty and rich biodiversity. Given its ancestry that could be traced to the Gondwanaland, Sri Lanka considered not only one of the richest areas in biodiversity, but one of the world's hottest biodiversity hotspot as well. The high degree of endemism seen among the wild fauna of Sri Lanka ought to be regarded as a world heritage that needs to be conserved....

Endemic Animals of Sri Lanka


  1. Fish
  2. Amphibians
  3. Reptiles
  4. Birds
  5. Mammals


  1. Land Snails


Endemism is a term used in ecology to describe the propensity of plants and animals to be naturally confined to a given geographical area.

  1. Point Endemics
  2. Biotopes
  3. Endemics in Bio geographical regions
  4. Endemics in Political areas
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Sri Lanka is a continental island situated near the southern tip of the Indian peninsular....


  1. Sri Lanka
  2. Floristic Regions
  3. Climate of Sri Lanka
  4. Geological history of Sri Lanka
  5. Evolutionary trends of EASL
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Small Threats & CoNSERVATION

Threats confronted by EASL

  • Deforestation, Invasive species, Climatological changes, smuggling, urbanization...

How to sustain the sustainability ? >>>

Proposals for Conservation

  1. Culture and traditions of Sri Lankans are foster by the Bio Diversity adding countless value for them. The country has the tradition of Bio Diversity conservation ever since the King Devanampiyatissa in 7th century BC.
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>> Account of threatned fauna of Sri Lanka

> How to sustain the sustainability ?

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