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Obtained the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) Degree having specialised in Zoology at the University of Peradeniya - Sri Lanka. Despite my love for nature & animals since my childhood, my "scientific" exploration of biodiversity began with me joining the Youth Exploration Society of Sri Lanka (Y.E.S.) in late 1990s, Since then I have being involved in multitudinous nature-related activities, especially with regard to Sri Lankan fauna.

My field experience as a freelance researcher/biologist covers especially the fauna of Sri Lanka. I am keen on studying much of the land vertebrates and invertebrates, their taxonomy, life history, ecology and conservation. I have a good knowledge of the Flora of Sri Lanka as well. Furthermore, I have had experience in working in most of the Sri Lankan National parks, Strict Nature Reserves, Protected Areas, other Forest Reserves and rural village areas across the country since 1998. My research areas therefore extend particularly towards ecology of fauna and flora of Sri Lanka. In addition, I do apply the full force of my knowledge on Sri Lankan Herpetology to conserve some of the most threatened amphibian and reptile species in the island through various research and awareness programmes. As a member and a former president of Y.E.S. I give my superfine assistance to suffuse the message of conservation of Biodiversity of Sri Lanka by conducting, organizing and consulting Bio diversity awareness progammes to the constructive community.

Specific fields of research interest: Ecosystem services, Community based conservation, Traditional agricultural practices, Ethnobotany, local biodiversity and behavioural ecology of herpetofauna and other wild fauna.

Future research prospectives: By what means human be able to protect environment ameliorating ecosystem services through community involvement to upgrade rural livelihood.





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"Ellangaawa" A unity care for community & Nature |
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Youth Exploration Society of Sri Lanka |
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Bachelor of Science (Special Degree in  Zoology)|
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"Ellangaawa" A unity care for community & Nature | No:1/1112, Hapugoda | Ambatenna | Sri Lanaka. 20136.