Caecilians are curious group of amphibian, which are the only group of recorded in Sri Lanka under the order of Apoda. Family represents 03 endemic species under Genus Ichthyophis. They are rare since they possess a fossorial life circle. Inhabit loose wet or muddy soil, especially under the decaying leaf litter, loose stones, paddy fields and banks of small water streams. Tadpoles are found in slowly flowing water, and morphologically very similar to eel larvae. Extensively faced to the threat of extinction due to loss of appropriate habitats and use of agrochemicals..



1. Ichthyophis  glutinosus ( Linnaeus,1758)|  Common Eellowband cecillian | Kaha hiri danda

FFPO: Protected


2. Ichthyophis orthoplicatus (Taylor, 1965) | Brown cecillian | Dumburu hiri danda


IUCNSL 2007 List:VU /  FFPO: Protected  
3. Ichthyophis pseudangularis (Taylor, 1965) | Lesser Eellowband cecillian | Kuda Kaha hiri danda
IUCNSL 2007 List:VU            FFPO: Protected
4. Ichthyophis humphreyi  



































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